Wonderwood Floors was founded with the goal of providing the best timber flooring to our customers. We only source the best of timber across the world for our products. We understand that getting your flooring installed is one of the most significant projects and that knowing exactly what you are purchasing and installing is critical.

Because each country/industry has its own set of standards and terminology, our timber experts take the lead and develop a guideline that will make it easier for our customer to comprehend the quality of our timber floors.

Our timber experts introduced two grades of timber: Prime and Natural

Prime Grade

With our prime grade floors, you can expect minimal amount of natural features, such as very few and tiny knots, as well as gum veins, splits, cracks and checks. Sapwood and color variation will be controlled to minimum, it means you can expect no or minor flaws in our prime grade timber floors. The finish will be clear or slightly stained, with virtually no major visible flaws. 

Prime is of the highest quality and will meet the expectations of customers who want clean and less natural inherent in the species of their floors.

Natural Grade

For the customers who want to add more natural features to their home and flooring, natural grade timber will be what you are after.

With our natural grade floors, there will be visible knots with various sizes and quantities. Sapwoods and checks might be noticeable, while industrial filler may be used to companion the inherent of the natural features for broken knots and large size of check and crack. 

With expecting of more natural elements of timber, that might contain knots, gum vein and insert trail. Variation between batches, or even between boards, that also means you are getting an absolute unique pattern from the nature.

Note: Since both grades of our timber flooring, prime and natural, are visually graded by our timber floor experts and every timber floor is made by natural timber and based on their uniqueness, there is chance that some boards will be out of range or contain more natural beauty elements.